Jamie A. Ward

a bit about me

After finishing my Ph.D at the ETH Zurich
Wearable Computing Lab
I moved to Lancaster University's
Computing Department
under the guidance of Hans Gellersen.

A year into my time at Lancaster, I was awarded an EU
Marie-Curie Fellowship to develop my work on
Multi-Modal Activity Recognition for Interactive Environments (or 'MARIE').
My research then delved into
Eye-Based Activity Recognition ('EAR')
in collaboration with
Andreas Bulling 
(for details on some of this work, have a look at my old research page.)
In the Summer of 2010,  
having worked continuously in computing related topics since the age of 17,
 I took an extended Sabbatical to move to London and train as an
My recent research, with support from DFKI
is on wearable sensing of group activities 
with a focus on Wearables in the performing arts.  


I am currently co-chair of the UbiComp/ISWC '16 Workshops
(September 12-16, Heidelberg, Germany)